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Laura G. Cogdill                           educator,  award-winning author
No one expects to find the love of their life and then lose them to brain cancer after only nine months of marriage.  But when Laura and John said "I do," they knew their time together would be cut short.  

"Liquidating Life" is a testament of love,  laughter, tears, testing, and faith.

Laura's hope in writing this first-hand account of John's  battle with glioblastoma multiforme is to help others stumbling down the same path, and to show God's grace and mercy to the end.  

"Liquidating Life" is available through amazon.com
and on kindle 

ISBN:  978-0989112000


"Liquidating Life"
silver medal
in the health & fitness category
Florida Authors and Publishers Association


In Tallahassee, "Liquidating Life" is available at:

in Market Square
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"I recommend this book to anyone coping with a terminal illness.  Laura writes from her heart and through her heartache.  It is evident that she wants to share her journey to guide others through the process."
Pam Mason, MSW, Grief Counselor
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